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Welcome to the National park LOVĆEN property offers...
The Mount Lovcen rises from the borders of the Adriatic basin making the hinterland to the coastal town of Kotor, 14 km away from the royal capital of Cetinje. The mountain has two imposing peaks, Štirovnik (1,749 m) and Jezerski vrh (1,657 m) on which is situated the Njegos's Mausoleum. Climate: Specific, under influence of two climate zones (Mediterranean and Continental).

ViewType: land with 2 ruins
Area: 54.000m2
Price: 180.000€
Code: l01

ViewType: land with ruin
Area: 10.000m2 (land) + 25.000m2 (forest)
Price: 275.000€
Code: l02

ViewType: land with 2 ruins near the road
Area: 47.000m2
Price: 2€ per 1m2
Code: l03

ViewType: land with ruin
Area: 80.000m2
Price: 3€ per 1m2
Code: l04
ViewType: land
Area: 326.000m2
Price: 1,5€ per 1m2
Code: l05
ViewType: land
Area: 2.000-3.000m2
Price: 15-20€ per 1m2
Code: l06




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